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They say you're never more than a few metres from an NDC repair!

JC Decaux

(October 2010)

NDC have been assisting Europe's largest advertising company with electronic support for their range of scrolling advertising billboards installed around the nation's streets and shopping malls.

We have been busy developing a technical repair solution for the PLC operated control panel at the heart of the scroller. Our R&D Team has been helping to develop changes to the software in order to align the units more fully with energy saving concepts. The control panels are relatively complex and consist of a PLC and one or more inverter, in addition to a number of switches, relays and contacts. NDC are also working with the company to assist in the repair of the electronics controlling their range of automated WC pods.

We are excited to be involved in helping the company with it’s range of global products and anticipate that the relationship will grow. A staggering 293 million people in 3,400 of the world’s largest cities see their advertising structures every day.

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