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Mitsubishi Offset Litho Press VF16S Drive Repair

Mitsubishi Press

(July 2010)

A Graphics Printer was undertaking work on an electrical system when an electrician introduced a voltage spike into the system causing significant damage to the 40 inch Litho Press, the company called in Mitsubishi to resolve the problem.

Mitsubishi identified the Toyo Denki 37kW VF16S AC Drive as the main fault,and observed that an overload voltage had caused significant damage to its circuitry. To compound the problem these drives are now obsolete, so it either had to be completely refitted (which Mitsubishi reckoned would have taken over a week) or the drive had to be repaired quickly.

Mitsubishi and the printer elected to call out NDC. A Service Engineer was despatched and had the drive stripped out and taken for repair. Within a few days NDC had the obsolete drive repaired and re-installed, our Service Engineer and the Mitsubishi engineer then ran the Litho Press through a series of tests to prove the system and that the repair was robust. After the testing proved the repair met with the Mitsubishi specification, the Litho Press was ready to resume its job. Both the customer and Mitsubishi were delighted to get the Litho press running again whilst mitigating expensive downtime and a costly and time consuming refit.

It just goes to prove that using NDC on your repairs will save you both time and money.

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