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OEM Lead Times:
Just not cutting it!

(December 2010)

A major processed food manufacturer had one of their main high speed slicing machines recently fail causing a major loss of production and expensive downtime.

In-house maintenance engineers found the cause of the fault to be one of the slicer motors (an Allen Bradley MPF-B450K-SJ24BA). The brake on the motor seemed to have failed hence seizing the motor and stopping the machine. The manufacturer was quickly on the phone to the OEM who gave them two options; to purchase a new motor with an 8 week lead time, or to issue the motor back to the OEM for a repair (quoting a 4 week turnaround).

Neither option was deemed satisfactory, as both implied continued downtime and loss of production. At this point the manufacturer elected to have the unit collected by our ServoLab facility. The motor was tested on arrival in our workshops and the fault confirmed as a faulty brake. Our engineers then dismantled the motor and found the brake coil to be burnt out and the brake plate shattered. The coil was then rewound in our in-house rewind shop and a new brake plate was manufactured in our in-house mechanical workshop. The brake was then assembled and fitted to the motor. The encoder was then reprogrammed and realigned using our advanced encoder programming kit. The motor was then assembled as per OEM standards.

Finally, the motor was progressed to our test facility and subjected to load and function testing - the results were analysed and recorded, and the motor despatched back to the food plant. Their engineers re-fitted the motor, re -commissioned the machine and confirmed the repair met OEM standards. The machine was immediately handed over to the production team.

NDC's exacting processes , fast turnaround and proven repair reliability left the OEM standing, and the food plant delighted that they had returned this key machine back to service so quickly and efficiently.

Allen Bradley Motor

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