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Reverse Engineering Breakthrough: The Omron L7 Varispeed

Omron L7

(October 2010)

NDC’s dedicated R & D team have been busy finalising the latest breakthroughs in lift drive engineering. The latest additions to the already impressive list of OEM drive successes are the Omron L7 Varispeed, lift Inverter

Those familiar within the lift industry will already know that these units are common within the sector, and will be pleased to know that NDC have worked hard to ensure that there is now a solution when a failure occurs.

NDC’s R & D Engineering Manager, outlines the problem: “These OEM-designed drives were produced to sit within their own specialised systems, fully integrated with the lift’s control system and therefore the drive cannot be removed and tested on the bench without a significant amount of reverse engineering and development. Many independent repair companies have claimed to be able to test these units, but we know that in reality the most that has been done is to apply power to the unit after a repair attempt without the ability to actually simulate the running of the drive. This means that the unit is often returned to the lift and fails immediately. At NDC we now have a fully integrated test system consisting of the Test Tool, Motor, Encoder and Dynamic Braking Resistor along with a specifically designed switching system to take care of the complex floor-sensing arrangement”

A significant amount of resources have been applied to this project and allied to our Test-Diagnose-Repair–Test Solution, we now have the capability to service-exchange these units to assist with critical and often commercially sensitive breakdowns.

The service has now been rolled out nationally as NDC’s in-house technical knowledge management system allows us to take the findings of the R&D project and distribute the information through an IT platform to our other branches throughout the UK. We can then replicate the testing systems nationally.

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