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Driving Up Reliability with 'Overdrive' Software

(December 2010) Test Diagnose Repair

With some Original Equipment Manufacturers still unwilling to disclose or sell technical data, schematics and parts lists even to their own subsidiaries and selling agents, it has required 3rd party repairers to become innovative and develop equipment, procedures and software in order to test and diagnose electronic drives. It was in response to this that NDC developed its 'Repairs Register' back in 1997 which now contains more than 10,000 electronic drives, controls and devices. This comprehensive register was compiled from various sources including reverse engineering techniques (which is a process from which circuits are captured from a known good working model and parts lists drawn up), customers operating manuals and those OEM's with whom we work in partnership.

The next phase of development came when this repair data was integrated with our Test/Diagnose/Repair/Test programme. This used the known information from our records with test data which allowed us to develop test equipment and operational jigs. These test routines could then be used as an initial test once the drive or equipment was received in order to diagnose any fault condition. Once the fault was identified the repair can be performed and re-tested to prove the integrity of the repair work.

But a further enhancement has been made with the introduction of NDC's 'Overdrive' software. This software has been developed 'in house' over the past 2 years and is a complete operating platform which runs our business. It not only identifies the procedure and standards to which the repair will be effected, but also integrates with our Repairs Register, Information Library, Testing Jigs and stocks of components and suppliers. The software also tracks the progress of repairs through our Service Centres and has the ability to compare test data.

The system went live in our NW Service Centre in Manchester on 1st September 2010 following exhaustive testing. It will be rolled out to all our UK Service Centres during the coming months.

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