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Drive Support at Coal Fired Power Station

Coal Power Station

(March 2011)

Northern Drives and Controls recently undertook the repair and overhaul of three, Allen Bradley C1336 - 150HP Boiler Fuel Pump - Motor Drives for a generating company at a large coal fired power station.

Following the failure of one of the Allen Bradley C1336 drives whilst in service at the station, NDC undertook to repair and fully overhaul the failed drive. A failure of the IGBT on one of the phases on the drive also damaged the control card. With lead times for replacement drives excessive NDC sourced the parts for the repair from Asia and had them shipped in to complete the repair. The power stage was completely replaced, with new replacement parts to the original manufacturers specification. Lead time on the components, although not as long as the supply of replacement drives , may well have compromised operations in the future so NDC undertook to supply a stock of parts to allow for more efficient turnaround should a failure on the power stage of the remaining 2 drives occur in the future.

NDC also overhauled the remaining 2 drives on a planned outage, on a 5 day turnaround which as well as a full overhaul also included a full load test in our works.

As well as having all three drives now available, the generating company also has the added reassurance of a full 12 months warranty on the repaired drives, offered as standard by NDC

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