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UK-based repair & service option now availabe for SEW crane drives.

3 Year Warranty

(Febuary 2011)

NDC have introduced a new repair and refurbishment service in the UK for the popular SEW MDV series Flux Vector Drives, utilised as a speed control and positioning system in crane applications.

Although these drives are very common in the tower crane industry, a reliable repair service in the UK has been hard to source for fleet operators as SEW does not have any authorised service system in the UK. Given this, NDC have now established Test - Diagnose - Repair - Test Procedures for these drives to assist and support our customers . The drives, depending on which applications they perform are either set for standard servo duty speed control or can be configured for complex positioning duty. Most commonly found on large cranes, these drives are often available only on long lead times from Europe (upto to 8 weeks), making replacement or the purchase of spares a costly option when the crane is out of service. NDC can now turn these units around via our regular service of standard, urgent or rapid repair, providing cost-effective and timely support for our customers. If you've had difficulty supporting these drives, contact your local NDC Service Centre to discuss the service options now available.

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