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Robot nods approvingly at NDC fault response
(Well you didn't expect it to do a 'Crouchy' did you?)

Staubli robots

(March 2011)

A major electrical equipment manufacturer recently had one of their Staubli robots fail on a primary production line - output was halted and expensive downtime immediately incurred.

Maintenance engineers quickly dismantled the robot and found the cooling system inside the robot to be leaking and the main servomotor (a Baldor BSM63A-333AA) to be tripping with an overcurrent fault. The manager of the plant called the robot manufacturer who gave him an option of either buying a new motor on a lead time of 10-12 weeks, or a motor repair with a turnaround of 3-4 weeks.

As both of these options were not cost-effective in their view, NDC were contacted to effect the repair. We deployed a service engineer to site that same day and had the motor under test at our ServoLab facility within hours. Our diagnosis found that the windings had burnt out due to water ingress.

The motor was then rewound in our in-house rewind facility and all the other parts of the motor tested extensively. The motor was then reassembled to OEM specifications and sealed to IP68 standards to prevent further water ingress. The motor was then tested under load in our testing facility with Baldor test drives and the readings recorded. The results were then compared to the motor name plate data and when the results were proven to be as per OEM standards the motor was dispatched back to site. Our service engineer by then had rectified the leak in the cooling system and the motor was subsequently re-fitted. The robot was then tested extensively by the production team who certified the repair met OEM standards. The robot was finally returned to service in just over a day from the fault being reported to us. You can count on NDC to deliver cost-effective and rapid repair solutions to OEM standards when the pressure is on.

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