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Distinction for NDC at University Breakdown


(January 2010)
NDC got top grades from a National Lift OEM as two lifts at a north eastern University recently failed interrupting the start of a new Semester.

Both lifts had failed Magnetek HPV900-4052 OE1 E1 30kW Drives installed. Our customer under pressure from their client, requested an urgent diagnosis and return to service. Given that this Magnetek Drive had completed Reverse Engineering Analysis at NDC, and our engineers had developed an extensive Test Diagnose Repair Test Procedure, we were confident of an accurate and speedy resolution. NDC collected the units the same day and immediately identified U phase faults and extensive damage to drive stages. Defective modules were repaired and fully refurbished. Both units were subjected to full function tests prior to despatch. The units were back on site and re-installed within 48 hours of the call. The lift company subsequently reported the successful return to service of both lifts.

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