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Winch Overhaul and Controls Upgrade

(January 2010)
NDC were recently approached by a customer who was having torque and slippage problems controlling their 45kW 20 year old winch at slow speeds. The winch was mechanically sound but the control technology, an old Thorn DC drive connected to banks of resistors, fuses and other control gear, was starting to show it’s age

After initial discussions to understand the application, NDC refurbished the winch and upgraded all the control gear including the drive to a 45kW Sprint DC Drive, and additionally added remote joystick controls. This gave the customer enhanced control capability including better torque output at much slower speeds and improved close control and inching. The unit was made fully compliant with IP66 regulations as an all weather application. The winch is now back in service, and the customer delighted with the performance is confident of a further 20 years service

Given NDC’s investment into diagnostic tools, reverse engineering analysis and Test – Diagnose – Repair –Test Procedures, challenges such as these are seemlessly managed and mean you can return repaired equipment to your application or stores with confidence.

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