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UK Repair Option for Pacific Scientific PC800 series Servo Drives

Pacific Scientific PC800

(January 2010)
NDC have introduced a new repair and refurbishment service to popular speed control and positioning systems widely used in the food industry.

Although these drives are very common in the food processing industries, reliable and cost effective repair and service has been difficult to source. Pacific Scientific does not have any authorised service system in the UK and for that reason NDC has been asked to Reverse Engineer and establish Test Diagnose Repair Test Procedures for these units which we have now completed at our dedicated ServoLab facility. The drives, depending on which applications they perform are either set for standard servo duty speed control or can be configured for complex positioning duty. Most commonly found on JBT Foodtech equipment imported from the US, the drives are often on long lead times into Europe of up to 8 weeks, making replacement or spares purchase a costly option if production is stopped

If you have any of these devices on your processing plant, there is now a reliable, cost effective and fast turnaround service available in the UK via NDC

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