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Repair and Reprogramming Services For Direct Ax CNC Controllers

Direct Ax CNC Controller

(March 2010)
NDC can now offer a comprehensive repair and full-function testing service for manufacturing and machining customers across the range of Control Techniques DirectAx controllers widely used in industrial CNC applications.

The complexity of the unit is the repair issue. The DirectAx unit is a device capable of controlling 3 axes by using RS232 and RS485 communication protocols. The controller requires the setting up of different dedicated ports such us analogue inputs/outputs, digital inputs/output, axis drive control signals and encoder ports. The complexity of the unit in terms of hardware and software makes the repair a challenge. However, NDC can now repair and reprogram the unit by using a service tool machine

For additional information or to arrange a site visit or call back, please contact your local NDC Service Centre via 0800 137104 or e-mail

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