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NDC Detects Faults With Goring Kerr Unit

Goring Kerr Unit

(March 2010)
NDC were recently approached by a supplier of meat products to a national supermarket chain. A Goring Kerr Metal Detector was faulty, with severe consequences for production. The model, a TEK 21 is a general purpose unit designed to detect ferrous & non ferrous metals as well as stainless steels.

An engineer was immediately despatched to review the application and to asses the faults. The detector was failing to identify metal below 6mm and additionally poor detection of stainless steel was a concern. The unit could not be repaired on site and was taken to an NDC Service Centre where on disassembly evidence of water ingress in the main control panel was identified. This is a common problem in wash-down areas within the food industry and a situation we see frequently. The control panel was refurbished on a 24/7 basis and the unit subject to our Test - Diagnose - Repair - Test Procedures. The unit was then despatched to site where the calibration was completed. Within 48hrs of the fault being reported the machine was again working at full capacity and had successfully passed the supplier audit

If you have difficulty supporting Goring Kerr, or any other metal detection units, call your local NDC Service Centre to discuss how we can assist you.

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