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Schindler VF30 BR Variodyn AC Drive Reverse Engineered

Schindler VF30 BR Variodyn AC Drive

(March 2010)
NDC have been actively involved with a reverse engineering project covering Schindler's VF30 BR Variodyn AC Lift drives.

These drives present a difficult challenge for lift companies and repairers alike as the common problems which occur on these are serious and have, up to now, rendered the unit beyond repair. This in itself has caused issues because although the drive is a variant of a standard drive, it is far from a case of replacing the unit with an off-the-shelf alternative. The Schindler software is the issue with these drives, and also it is extremely costly to replace them - in the region of 6,000.

The solution is now available thanks to the extensive research that NDC have put in over the last few months. We can now fully repair these units even when they have sustained serious damage, thus cancelling out the need to replace the unit and pursue the difficult task of re-programming it. It is now a simple case of repairing the existing drive and re-installing the unit allowing the lift in question to be quickly returned to service. NDC can guarantee full functional testing by operating the drive through both CANbus and LIFT bus networks whilst under full load.

There are many Schindler VF30 BR Variodyn lift drives in service around the UK. Contact you're nearest NDC Service Centre to discuss the attractive repair option now available via NDC.

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