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Servo Motor Repair is ‘Spot On’

Parker PO-L20-P54

(April 2010)

In the sheet metal fabrication process, parts are conveyed on a belt where spot welds are performed on each part.
The welds take less than a second to perform before the part moves on at speeds of up to 15-25 in/sec.
One of our customers was experiencing problems on a welding application due to encoder failure in one of the motors, a Parker PO-L20-P54.
This was throwing the timing of the conveyor belt out and the parts were not being spot welded properly causing quality and waste problems. NDC despatched an engineer to assess the application and the servo motor (the Drive was a Parker Model 500 L).
Both units were taken for evaluation and repair at NDC’s ServoLab. Here our technicians can Test – Diagnose – Repair – Test both the Servo Motor and Drive to make sure they are communicating the correct information so the conveyor is working within the right parameters. This being a production line component the customer authorised an emergency repair and was back up and running within 24hrs.

NDC were able to achieve this because everything was undertaken within our ServoLab facility using our in-house procedures developed via the extensive application of Reverse Engineering techniques and Test – Diagnose – Repair – Test Systems.

Contact your local NDC Service Centre to discuss how we can support the service, repair, rebuilding and function testing of; servo motors, stepper motors, servo drives and permanent magnet motors within our ServoLab facility. All services via 0800 137104

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