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DescriptionPart NoRepair Price
20X4276/10B POA
20X4284/20A POA
24v9700 POA
ALSPA GD 2000 PROCESSOR 30V4800/40
631897 POA
Drive Card 632146 23V5900.30
ALSPA Micro 2
AM400/10 029.147629
AC Drive CD4060
AC DRIVE GD2016-4001
GD4060 POA
ReACtor 3PH 20uH 195AMPS Analog R10Z1308/10 POA
R20V1800/10 POA
R20V5700/10 POA
S036 Contec Isolator Voltage Fe R20V7400/20
PCB R20X0806/10 POA
PCB T100 Firing CGT R20X0807/20 POA
PCB Shunt Trip MCCB R20X0903/10
R20X1202/10 POA
R20X1207/10 POA
PCB FeedbACk Circuits T136 SE/A R20X1209/10
PCB R20X1209/80
PCB GD Anti-parallel Control T1 R20X1226/10 POA
R20x1229/20 POA
R20X1229/70 POA
PCB Gating/Snubber Board T154 R20X1320/10
R20X1339/10 POA
R20X1401/10 POA
PCB GEMDrive Power T159 440V+6% R20X1402/10 POA
PCB M187-60001 Auxiliary Drive R20x1415/20 POA
PCB GEMDrive Power Board Anti- R20X1425/10
PCB GEMDrive Power Board Anti- R20X1425/20 POA
PCB GEMDrive Spindle Control B R20X1426/10
R20X1430/10 POA
PCB GEMDrive GD448 Speed Contro R20X1448/10 POA
PCB GEMDrive Control Pots Deper R20X1448/30 POA
PCB GEMDrive/Spindle Control A/ R20X1455/10
PCB GEMDrive/Spindle Control A/ R20X1455/20 POA
PCB GDS Spindle Control OPTO Tr R20X1455/30
PCB GEMDrive Power Frame CAPSH R20X1457/10
PCB GEMDrive Power Frame CAPSH R20X1457/20
R20X1463/10 POA
PCB Field Weakening Control Low R20X1481/10
R20X1481/60 POA
PCB Single phase APSH GEMini R20X1568/10
PCB Sample and hold Reference U R20X1579/10
PCB GD Micro Power C Var-able F R20X3216/10
R20X3217/20 POA
PCB GEMSpeed 101 Variable Volta R20X3217/30
PCB GEMDrive Micro Power Frame R20X3249/40 POA
PCB GD Field Unit R20X3257/10 POA
PCB GD Micro Fame A&B Power MDL R20X3293/10
PCB GD Micro Power Board A&B F R20X3293/80 POA
PCB GD Micro Frame C Power Boa R20X3309/10
R20X3311/10 POA
PCB GD Micro 2 Power BRD Size 2 R20X3330/20
P.C.Module: GEM Drive AC Contro R20X3333/20 POA
R20X3353/10 POA
R20X3377/10 POA
PCB GD Sabre Control 4MHz R20X3400/10 POA
PCB Switch Mode Power Supply SL R20X3428/10 POA
PCB Switch Mode Power Supply SL R20X3428/20
PCB GD Micro 2 Expander R20X3435/10
R20X4252/10 POA
R20X4257/10 POA
PCB GD2094 Power InterfACe R20X4262/10
PCB R20X4262/100
PCB GD2282 Power InterfACe R20X4262/40 POA
R20X4262/50 POA
PCB Power InterfACe GD2564 R20X4262/60
PCB Power InterfACe GD2754 R20X4262/70 POA
PCB Power InterfACe GD2846 R20X4262/80 POA
PCB GD2070 Power InterfACe R20X4264/40
PCB Precharge CCT (GD2094 2140 R20X4268/10
PCB GEMDrive Delta Rectifier Co R20X4269/10 POA
PCB GD2000S MPS For Single Brid R20X4275/10
R20X4457/10 POA
R20X4457/110 POA
PCB GD2190 GD4160 Phase gate Dr R20X4457/30 POA
R20X4457/40 POA
R20X4457/50 POA
PCB Phase gate Drive GD2190 R20X4457/80 POA
PCB GD4060 Power bridge Board R20X4459/100 POA
PCB GD4020 Power bridge Board R20X4459/70 POA
PCB GD4010-4060 Power I/O Boar R20X4460/10 POA
R20X4471/10 POA
R20X4494/10A POA
PCB GD4000 Customer I/O Board R20X4495/10
PCB +24V Switching Regulator Po R21X2770/10
PCB 24V Follow-up Module R21X2776/10
PCB 15V Follow-up Module (non i R21X2811/10 POA
R21X2814/10 POA
PCB Current Control (ZVA AVR) R21X2816/10 POA
PCB Power Supply Monitor R21X2819/10 POA
R21X2820/10 POA
PCB ZVA AVR Phase ADV & Mixing R21X2825/10
PCB Current Measurement and Lim R21X2826/10
R21X2827/10 POA
PCB Current & Resolver MVAR R21X2828/10
GD Axis Power Supply 3 Phase R23V3700/20
GH8VD-4001 R23V5900/10
SHT Trip Unit with NVRL (single R23V6100/10
GD FRAME A S161 440V+6%N AT VEN R23V6400/10 POA
R23V6400/20 POA
GD Axis MK2 22.5A Controller R23V7000/10
GD Axis MK2 45A Controller R23V7000/20
GD Axis MK Controller 67.5A Hig R23V7100/10 POA
GD Axis MK2 90QA Controller R23V7100/20 POA
R23V7200/20 POA
"GD Axis MK2 19"" SubRACk Low Pow" R23V7400/10
"GD Axis MK2 19"" SubrACk" R23V7400/20 POA
Pulsar VF5 Assembly Max Option R23V8200/10
Staircase Generator R23X1018/10
PCB Snubber and Gate CCT R23X2180/10
PCB MK11 Sync Drive Supply T035 R23X2190/10
PCB Pulse Amplifier For HV Conv R23X2195/10 POA
PCB Gate & Crowbar S320&S1000 S R23X2198/60
PCB Pulsar Logic R23X2400/10 POA
PCB Pulsar Power VF1 R23X2401/20 POA
R23X2401/70 POA
R23X2411/10 POA
PCB Micro-regulator For PWM Inv R23X2457/10
PCB Chop REG SMPS 380/414/480V R23X2459/10
R23X2459/20 POA
PCB Chop REG SMPS (USE 20X3428/ R23X2459/30
R23X2461/30 POA
R23X2462/40 POA
R23X2473/10 POA
PCB UPS BaseDrive R23X2474/10 POA
R23X2474/30 POA
PCB UPS Base Drive SL110-SL132 R23X2474/40
PCB HC15-Electronics AVR R23X2612/10 POA
PCB Exitation Fault Detector fv R23x2613/10
R23X2624/10 POA
PCB Excitation Control Limits-- R23X2625/10 POA
R23X2630/10 POA
PCB Microprocessor Pulse Amplif R23X2630/30 POA
PCB 12 Output Pulse Amplifier R23X2645/10 POA
PCB MK10 Gate Board R23X2648/10
PCB Slimline Serial Comms (GGEM R23X3001/10 POA
PCB Basic Input/Output SL55-200 R23X3004/10 POA
O.I.S. For Micro Regulator PCB. R2457-80001 POA
Display + Instrumentation PCB R2463-80001 POA
R2474-40003 POA
R2474-40004 POA
GD Field Control MK2 Type F151 R24V1000/10 POA
GD Field Control MK2 Type F1515 R24V1000/20
GD Field Control MK2 Type F151D R24V1000/30 POA
GD Fields F152DS Systems Depers R24V1000/60 POA
R24V1100/10 POA
R24V3200/10 POA
GEMini 1Phase Type A16 R24V3300/10
R24V3500/10 POA
Module Assembly (GEMDriveE) Fra R24V3500/20
R24V3500/40 POA
GD Spindle SA251 Frame B+GD481 R24V3600/10 POA
GEMDrive B Spindle SA501 GD481 R24V3600/20
R24V3800/10 POA
Assembly GEMDrive Frame C Type R24V5400/10
GEMDrive Frame BA431440V +6% Fo R24V8500/10 POA
GD Frame B A651440V+6% Thermost R24V8500/20 POA
GD Frame C A1001440V +6%Force V R24V8600/40
Module Assy GEMDrive Frame A SA R24V9700/10
R25V0100/40 POA
GD Axis MK2SB 15A No Fans R25V0900/10
GD Axis Stand-alone MKS2B 27.5A R25V0900/20 POA
GD Axis DC MK2SB Servo Drive 15 R25V0900/30
GD Axis DC MK2SB Servo Drive 27 R25V0900/40
R25V1000/30 POA
R25V1100/10 POA
GD Axis DC MK2SB Servo Drive 67 R25V1100/50
GD Axis DC MK2SB Servo Drive 90 R25V1100/70
GD Axis DC MK2SB Servo Drive 90 R25V1100/80 POA
R25V6400/10 POA
R25V9200/20 POA
GD Micro Frame B Type MF652T R25V9400/20
PCB Basic 1/0 Test R25X8588/10
PCB Imagen WorkspACeStatic Ram R25X9251/10 POA
Micro Monitor R2646-80003 POA
R267-40-80009 POA
GD Micro Frame B Type MA652R R26V1100/40
R26V1500/20 POA
R26V1700/20 POA
Control Assembly GD2282 R30V4800/40 POA
PCB R30V6900/260
Switched Mode Power Supply R31V1400/10
R31V1900/20 POA
R31V2100/10 POA
GD Axis MK2 PSU 1 Phase R32V7200/10 POA
GEM80 8Way 9-66VDC Input R8110-4002 POA
GEM80 8Way 110VAC Output R8114-4002 POA
GEM80 8Way 110VAC Output (No Fu R8114-4004 POA
R8117-4002 POA
R8119-4001 POA
GEM80 8Way 9-66DC INV Input R8120-4002 POA
R8121-4001 POA
GEM80 8Way 24VAC Output R8124-4002 POA
R8130-4001 POA
R8137-4002 POA
R8138-4001 POA
GEM80 380V U/LCH RLY O/P 8N/O U R8143-4001
GEM80 380V UN/LCH RLY O/P8N/O U R8143-4002
GEM80 Resolver I/P Basic I/O Wi R8144-4501 POA
R8144-4504 POA
R8144-4602 POA
Resolver I/P R8144-4604 POA
GEM80 Resolver I/P Basic I/O R8144-4610 POA
GEM80 2Way Analog Input Module R8150-4002 POA
GEM80 2Way Analog Output R8151-4002 POA
GEM80 2Way Analogue O/P =/-10V R8151-4012
R8151-4052 POA
R.T.D. Input Module R8158-4001 POA
Thermocouple Input Module R8159-4004
R8160-4002 POA
Counter MDL S/W Reset R8160-4008
GEM80 32Way 24VDC Output Module R8164-4002 POA
GEM80 16Way Analog Input R8165-4002
GEM80 16Way Analog V&I I/P Modu R8165-4004
GEM80 16 Channel Dense Analog O R8166-4002
R8168-4001 POA
R8172-4003 POA
R8172-4004 POA
GEM80 Basic I/O R8173-4002
R8174-4002 POA
Remote I/O I/FACe Basic I/O R8174-4004 POA
GEM80 16Way 110VAC R8178-4001
R8191-4004 POA
Coronet Module R8193-4002 POA
R8197-4002 POA
GEM80 32Way 48VDC Output Module R8198-4002
GEM80 16Way Relay Output With P R8199-4001
GEM80 8K RAM R8201-4001 POA
250 Ladder Processor Ver C R8211-4250 POA
R8211-4303 POA
GEM80 310 Series Ladder Pro R8211-4311 POA
GEM80/350 Ladder R8211-4350 POA
GEM80 250 I/O Processor Version R8213-4250
R9199-4002 POA
Sabre 5.5kw POA

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