COVID-19 Service Update: NDC remains open
25 March 2020

We understand that during these next few weeks and months that the service our customers are able to deliver will be tested to its limits. That's why NDC has set out the following measures to ensure its full availability to you:

  • NDC's service centres will be manned 24 h/day in order to maintain our production commitments whilst also observing social distancing measures set out by recent guidelines.
  • NDC carry all required spares of drives, lift processors, pcbs, and components in stock, we do not anticipate any supply interruptions in the medium-term.
  • NDC will treat as a priority, any products that we receive from hospitals, healthcare facilities, care homes and any other properties where there are vulnerable people or groups. There will be no additional charges for this service.
  • Finally, NDC will also provide on-site, technical assistance to our customers if they are experiencing short-term labour shortages.

NDC understands the important role that we play in ensuring that lifts and escalators are kept running throughout this period and we would like to thank our customers for their continued support of our business.