Acopos B&R Drives
We can offer:
  • Large inventory of parts and exchange drives for fastest turnaround
  • Reverse engineering techniques provide the best first time fix rates
  • Repairs to OEM standards
  • Minimum 1 year warranty
  • No Fix No Fee
  • Free evaluation and quotations
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We can repair your Acopos B&R drive or servomotor to OEM standards in a rapid turnaround time.

Our services – how it works:

  1. We collect the drive free of charge from your site.
  2. The drive is tested in our laboratory to assess the root cause of the failure.
  3. A No Obligation Quote is produced to advice the best method of repair.
  4. We fix the drive to OEM standards and re-assess the drive's performance in high-tech testing rigs.
  5. A Service Exchange option may be available on selected models.
  6. Standard and Rapid Repair available.
  7. Repaired drive is returned with complimentary delivery.

Our B&R Servo Drive Test Rig Features:

  • The test rig allows full functional testing of B&R's range of Acopos servo drives. Including uploading and downloading of parameters and using the drive to exercise the servo drive in a number of test routines.
  • This test uses both discrete control inputs and CAN Bus control thus checking all the drive's communication possibilities.
  • The rig can be configured to use either its own test motor or – if required – the customer's motor for test.
  • The monitor screen allows essential running information to be looked at in real time on the display which means that the unit is not just tested by driving a motor, but can examine the characteristics of the drive such as speed, current and voltage in trace form.
  • The rig can, used in conjunction with the Servo Motor Test Rig, provide a genuine load test, which can be used to highlight faults seen only under load conditions.

Acopos B&R drives we specialise in:

  • 8V1010.001-2
  • 8V1010.00-2
  • 8V1010.501-2
  • 8V1010.50-2
  • 8V1016.001-2
  • 8V1016.00-2
  • 8V1016.501-2
  • 8V1016.50-2
  • 8V1022.001-2
  • 8V1022.00-2
  • 8V1045.001-2
  • 8V1045.00-2
  • 8V1090.001-2
  • 8V1090.00-2
  • 8V1180.001-2
  • 8V1180.00-2
  • 8V128M.001-2
  • 8V128M.00-2
  • 8V1320.001-2
  • 8V1320.00-2
  • 8V1640.001-2
  • 8V1640.00-2

Acopos B&R Servomotors we specialise in:

  • 8LV compact motors
  • 8LS synchronous motors
  • 8LSN synchronous motors
  • 8JS synchronous motors
  • 8KS synchronous motors
  • 8LT torque motors
  • 8MS synchronous motors
  • Stepper motors