Food Processing
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From initial preparation to packaging, the food and beverage manufacturing sector incorporates a very broad range of advanced technologies into highly sophisticated processes.

Your processing equipment must endure long, punishing production runs that require precise operations and sanitary conditions.

All of these requirements make the effective and timely repair or replacement of equipment a critical necessity and for many production line configurations, plants are dependent on the entire line of equipment running harmoniously as any stoppage means lost production and revenue.

NDC Automation, Drives &Controls are unique in the repair service of inverter drives. Our test rig capabilities, extensive test diagnose repair test philosophy and our team of dedicated electronic repair experts set us apart from the rest.

Our repairs are to OEM standard and carry warranties of 1 to 25 years.

In the event of an emergency, turnaround time is extremely fast. We have examples where a drive has been picked up in the morning, repaired, tested, and returned that same day.

We offer the products and solutions you need to cover all your drive inverter requirements including obsolete and hard to get models from all major OEM brands. Contact NDC now to see how we can help.