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NDC are specialists in the repair, service exchange and supply of refurbished inverters worldwide.

Have you provided Free Solar Panels to customers and you now need to replace out of warranty inverters at your own expense?

Faulty inverters are costly to replace but also the long leadtimes from manufacturers also mean lost generation costs!

At NDC we understand manufacturer prices for new inverters eat into your return on investment, potentially making the projects unviable. Add to that the lengthy lead times from manufacturers and your investment is losing money by being out of action.

At NDC we have the solution. Replace faulty drives with refurbished drives. Off the shelf availability. Excellent reliability rates. Purpose developed test simulators ensure first time fix and mean we can offer 2 year warranties on all solar drives.

We cover all makes and models from ABB to Solax Power. Contact us to see how we can help you keep your return on investment high.